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Are you at risk of STD (Sexually Transmitted Debt)?

Katherine Hawes and The Money Brew podcast host Kylie Sultana delve into a topic that affects many of us, but is rarely discussed – STD or Sexually Transmitted Debt. This refers to the financial burden that one partner can bring into a relationship, which can affect both parties even after the relationship ends.

Doing Business in the Digital Age

Katherine Hawes speaks at Growth Gen Summit 2022. There are various legal obligations and responsibilities every business owner should be aware of when dealing with Social Media and Digital Law. Knowing the basic will help your business, protect your reputation, enhance your marketing and e-commerce as well as facilitate your advice and training of staff and others.

Social Media and the Law

Katherine Hawes speaks on the Spotlight podcast with Jim Taggart and Darryn Capes-Davis about issues regarding social media and the law. She speaks of interesting case where use of emojis on social media may be interpreted as consent of contract.

Other Media

‘Business Structure and Protection’ [Video] – Blacktown Bouncing Back 16 November 2021

‘Cybersecurity: Is it important to your business?’ – Hills Independent Magazine July 2021

‘Buying a Property? What you need to know about Underquoting Laws!’ – Western Property Magazine, July 2021

‘What a Business Legal Strategy Session can do for you?’ – Hawkesbury Independent, June 2021

‘Asset Distribution When Separating: Wastage, Recklesness & Addbacks’ – Blacktown Independent April 2021

‘Your Separation, Your Business’ – Hills Independent Magazine February 2021

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Katherine Hawes, the Founder and Principal Solicitor of Digital Age Lawyers, is all about 'bringing the law to the people'.  Her products are affordable, on trend and responsive to an emerging need for cost effective and knowledgeable advice that assists business owners, their employees and their families.

As a member of the Law Society NSW, the Centre for Legal Innovation, 7 Chambers of Commerce, and various business networking groups, Katherine is on the cutting edge when it comes to emerging issues and changes to legislation that can impact your business and your assets.

Digital Age Lawyers is a different type of law firm. There are no hidden costs, no charges by the minute, and no charge for a reassuring chat in times of crisis for our clients.

We're here to ensure you're protected by the law, while helping you grow your assets.

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I just want to thankyou for everything you’ve done, I appreciate your patience & understanding. Please pass my thanks along to Katherine as well.

Elizabeth M

I would like to thank Katherine Hawes and the team for the outstanding work they have dealt with this year. I recently had a social media bullying case and with knowledge of the team it was dealt with. Digital Age Lawyers "cares" for their clients.

I highly recommend Digital Age Lawyers for any law case.

Thank you so much Katherine Hawes and the team.

Nicole C

Really helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Katherine's services.

Linda C

On behalf of the bentART Committee I would like to say a huge thank you for your generous sponsorship of bentART 2023. The 18th exhibition was outstanding in every way. Over 100 artworks were displayed, with thirty percent of artists new to bentART. Almost a third of the artworks sold. A total of 785 visitors came through the gallery between Friday night and Monday afternoon (some were repeat visitors) and the feedback about the exhibition was very positive.

Susan Robbins - President, bentART Inc

Digital Age Lawyers have an office in Richmond and are passionate about making wills that work.

Jane T

I have seen Katherine speak and have been involved with her assisting a business who was being bullied on-line. She acted immediately and the owners were grateful and relieved. A First Class down-to-earth solicitor who genuinely cares.

Debra W

Had a fabulous meeting with a lawyer yesterday! Yes, a LAWYER!! Tears of laughter whilst discussing some pretty important but boring stuff. Law needn’t be scary, boring or confusing if you have the right lawyer. Thank you Katherine Hawes. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Lisa G

Thank you for your support! We are so excited looking forward to working on our next investment with you all.

Great teamwork!

Ponifasio and JoAnna

bentART Platinum Sponsor - 3 Years Running
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