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We Bring The Law To The People – the law is here to serve you

We make the law simple, accessible, understandable and affordable for business owners, business associations, business chambers and you.

Due to the evolving nature of our digital footprint, we will continue to ensure that your legal matters include digital protections such as, your Social Media (personal and professional), Artificial Intelligence and Policy and Compliance which forms a critical aspect of the firms Commercial Law services and education.

Our web-enabled documents mean that you can self-serve at your own leisure and via our subscription based services we give you the control of decision-making as the client and this in turn demystifies the law.

As a result of this your fees as a client are reduced and legal services become more accessible to a broader range of people. More accessible legal services leads to earlier intervention in legal matters where a robust Legal Strategy prevents escalating costs to remedy situations, avoiding costly court and mediation time.

Simply put, we are here to help you rest easy and ensure you and your loved ones remain protected, are on the leading edge of all advances in digital technology and that your valuable assets remain protected.


Our Customer Service Charter

Responsiveness: we will be –

Timely response to calls, emails and texts

Deliver what you say you will on time

Provide support appropriately

Communications: we will be –

Simple and Concise

Approachable and listening

High level of verbal communications

Engagement: we will offer –

Self-service where appropriate

Solution based

Technologically advanced

Embracing Diversity: we will be –

Across social issues of the day

Conscious of cultural differences

Understand different abilities

Service Standard: we will commit to –

Knowledgeable, consistent & think outside the box

Prepared for consultations, conferences and court

Legal Strategy to obtain focus and manage expectations

Our Approach: will be –

Proactive and collaborative with integrity

Reasonable pricing for services

Value our team

Recognition for Katherine Hawes & Digital Age Lawyers

Western Sydney Women Awards

Small Business Growth category

Finalist: 2018 Excellence in Innovation – Blue Mountains Business Awards

The Excellence in Innovation award recognises businesses that have made significant contributions to their industry through the introduction or improvement of an idea, method, technology, process or application.

Finalist: 2018 Business Leader – Blue Mountains Business Awards

The Outstanding Business Leader award recognises the positive contribution made to business by business people and professionals. The award recognises those who demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, strategic business direction and innovative ideas, whilst providing inspiration to a new generation of upcoming business leaders. Individuals entering into this category can be self-employed or employed by a business.

Finalist: 2018 Excellence in Small Business – Blue Mountains Business Awards

The Excellence in Small Business award recognises a business, employing less than 20 that has attained significant growth and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and processes implemented to achieve sustainable growth in the previous 24 months.

Finalist: 2017 Startup Superstar – Blue Mountains Business Awards

The StartUp Superstar category recognises a business that has been operating for less than two years that delivers a product/service/idea/invention with credible potential. This award recognises early-stage start ups that have a solid chance of market success, and strongly displays the entrepreneurial spirit.

Meet Katherine Hawes

At Digital Age Lawyers, Katherine focuses on making legal information understandable and actionable for both small business clients and individuals. Katherine focuses on commercial law with the associated family and estate protection. She has primarily differentiated Digital Age Lawyers as a virtual law firm with a focus on digital and social media law, policy and compliance for small business, robotics, artificial intelligence.  These form the the core of our commercial law services and education.

Katherine is an experienced litigator and can offer her Solicitor Advocate services if you find yourself with a Court or Tribunal Hearing that requires expert management.  Not only is Katherine experienced but her training as a Barrister means that her Solicitor Advocate services come with a solid education background. Katherine has also holds three Master Degrees and two post-graduate diplomas in both business and the law.  She is currently on track to be admitted to the New York Bar Association next February.

Her natural talent, intellect and humour combine to attract and retain people to her media and speaking engagements as she creatively steers people to success.

Katherine’s belief that anything’s possible paves the way for creative thinking for an innovative application of the law to your matter and both these aspects require a boldness to have fun and uncover what you do not know!

And the Digital Age Lawyers Team

Practice Manager, Marketing & Business Development

Julie Bargenquast

Julie Bargenquast

Practice Manager

Business Lawyers

Anthony Sangster Robles

Anthony Sangster Robles

Senior Solicitor

Suhayl Ali

Suhayl Ali

Senior Solicitor

Nicholas Fisher

Nicholas Fisher

Graduate Solicitor

Yuyi Zeng

Yuyi Zeng

Junior Solicitor - Property

Family Lawyers

Nick Robertson

Nick Robertson

Senior Solicitor

Natasha Ellem

Natasha Ellem

Graduate Solicitor

Legal Support

Kimi Liu

Kimi Liu


Introducing: Digital Business Bytes

Katherine is a guest speaker in demand, undertakes media engagements and provides educational workshops through Digital Business Bytes.  Katherine runs workshops such as “Get Legal on Social Media” and “Bubbles and Business”.  Our workshops are designed to make the law understandable.  We also offer a range of webinars to our clients.

As a member of the Law Society, Katherine receives regular updates on emerging areas and changes to legislation that impact her clients alongside and marries this to her day to day experience as a practising solicitor working with her client base.

She has memberships of 7 Chambers of Commerce, Women with Altitude, and Business in Heels where she receives and dispenses emerging small business trends information.

As a member of the Centre for Legal Innovation, Katherine can lobby for an Advisory Panel to explore the legal changes required for emerging trends, such as, blockchain technology, robotics, applying Artificial Intelligence and social media.

Katherine can provide you with the benefit of her Digital Business Bytes services and is a media personality who is approachable, grassroots and always focused on making the law contextual and understandable.

Call Katherine if you require any of the following:

  • Business Owners Guide to the Law
  • Social Media & The Law
  • Essential Document Framework for Small Business
  • Sexually Transmitted Debt: do you have it?
  • Contract Law for Non-Lawyers
  • Get Legal: Estate Planning
  • Planning the Future: Separation, Parenting, Property & Divorce
  • 2020: Professional Practice Management in the Digital Age

Keynote Speaker

Some recent examples of her speaking engagements:

Doing Business in the Digital Age – Growth Gen Live Virtual Summit 14 June 2022

Social Media and the Law – Spotlight Podcast 13 April 2022

Business Structure and Protection – Blacktown Bouncing Back 16 November 2021

Practice Management in the Digital Age, Legalwise – February 2020

Sexually Transmitted Debt: are you partnered? – October 2019

Start Me Up, Women with Altitude – March 2019

Get it Legal’, Western Sydney Business Centre, Penrith – October 2018

How to Protect your Digital Assets?’ Women with Altitude – October 2018

Legal Issues for Business in the Digital Age‘, BEC Australia, Canberra – October 2018

Social Media Impacts on Business’, Digital Business Solutions – Australian Small Business Advisory Services, Penrith, September 2018

Media Personality

Some recent examples of her media engagements:

Host of IN SESSION, Western Sydney TV

Co-host of The Business Show 2017-March 2019, Blue Mountains Regional Business Chamber

Village Walkabout Katoomba, Episode 1

Educational Workshops

Some recent examples of her workshops:

Essential Document Framework for Small Business, Alternative Board, March 2020

Business Owners Guide to the Law, Hunter Economic Development Forum, February 2020

Girls Night In, Cancer Council sponsored by Digital Age Lawyers, November 2016

Social Media for the Tourism Industry, Attention Experts, Sydney – October 2018

Start-up Sessions, Women with Altitude, Penrith – August to September 2018

Wills and Wine, Various Greater Sydney locations, 2018

Business and Bubbles, Various Greater Sydney locations, 2018

Social Media and Snacks, Various Greater Sydney locations, 2018

Host of Multiple business focused Webinars


Some recent examples of her publications:

Cybersecurity: Is it important to your business? – Hills Independent Magazine July 2021

Buying a Property? What you need to know about Underquoting Laws! – Western Property Magazine, July 2021

What a Business Legal Strategy Session can do for you? – Hawkesbury Independent, June 2021

Asset Distribution When Separating: Wastage, Recklesness & Addbacks – Blacktown Independent April 2021

Your Separation, Your Business – Hills Independent Magazine February 2021

Social Media Policy, Brave Magazine, Women with Altitude, October 2019

Willpower, Sydney Hills Living Magazine, 2019

A Guide to GDPR For Australian Businesses, 2018

Game Changers: Entrepreneurs Leading Change, 2016

Small Business Law: Key Legal Issues for Small Businesses, 2014

Media Kit

Download the Media Kit for Katherine Hawes.

Katherine Hawes: One of the 50 Unsung Business Heroes in Australia

50 Unsung Business Heroes


Katherine Hawes, featured on the cover of

’50 Unsung Business Heroes’.

Click to find out more.

What Our Clients Say

I just want to thankyou for everything you’ve done, I appreciate your patience & understanding. Please pass my thanks along to Katherine as well.

Elizabeth M

I would like to thank Katherine Hawes and the team for the outstanding work they have dealt with this year. I recently had a social media bullying case and with knowledge of the team it was dealt with. Digital Age Lawyers "cares" for their clients.

I highly recommend Digital Age Lawyers for any law case.

Thank you so much Katherine Hawes and the team.

Nicole C

Really helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Katherine's services.

Linda C

On behalf of the bentART Committee I would like to say a huge thank you for your generous sponsorship of bentART 2023. The 18th exhibition was outstanding in every way. Over 100 artworks were displayed, with thirty percent of artists new to bentART. Almost a third of the artworks sold. A total of 785 visitors came through the gallery between Friday night and Monday afternoon (some were repeat visitors) and the feedback about the exhibition was very positive.

Susan Robbins - President, bentART Inc

Digital Age Lawyers have an office in Richmond and are passionate about making wills that work.

Jane T

I have seen Katherine speak and have been involved with her assisting a business who was being bullied on-line. She acted immediately and the owners were grateful and relieved. A First Class down-to-earth solicitor who genuinely cares.

Debra W

Had a fabulous meeting with a lawyer yesterday! Yes, a LAWYER!! Tears of laughter whilst discussing some pretty important but boring stuff. Law needn’t be scary, boring or confusing if you have the right lawyer. Thank you Katherine Hawes. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Lisa G

Thank you for your support! We are so excited looking forward to working on our next investment with you all.

Great teamwork!

Ponifasio and JoAnna

bentART Platinum Sponsor - 3 Years Running
Sydney Disability Expo

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