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How a Prepaid Legal Advice Service Can Be Useful to Your Business?

According to a recent survey, small business owners look for legal help in two cases: 1. When they are just starting a business and want to set up everything; and 2. When things go terribly wrong.

The question is what happens in between?

The legal profession and lawyers in particular are the victim of urban myths for being overly expensive, with unpredictable charges and surprise invoices.

This urban myth has created a fear of lawyers and legal services – they are expensive and the lawyer is not your friend.

It’s time to break the myth.

Your business lawyer is your friend and business partner. She is there to protect your business assets and rights, and this is her legal responsibility.

But, hey, I get it – unexpected fees and lawyer – client relationships ending badly have created a very reluctant culture.

Are you afraid to call the lawyer?

If the answer is yes, you are not the only one. This trend has cost businesses more than you can imagine.

But there is a new wave of lawyers that are finding creative ways to show businesses that your lawyer is your friend.

Recent developments in businesses and startups have changed the perspective lawyers have on their clients.

And thus pre-paid legal services were born.

Pre-paid legal services are a growing trend in the industry and a result of the demand for transparent, reliable and accessible legal services for businesses. While individual pre-paid legal plans make sense in a few occasions when legal documents need to be prepared, these type of services are very convenient for businesses that always need to consult a lawyer to make sure they are doing everything legally right.

What are pre-paid legal services?

There are two types of pre-paid legal services:

1.     Subscription service

The subscription service is access to the time and resources of a lawyer for a monthly fee. You might be surprised to learn that such a subscription monthly fee can be lower than what lawyers usually charge per hour.

With a subscription service, you almost have an in-house lawyer. Of course, there are limitations and conditions that you set, for example, how many hours per month your lawyer can meet with you.

The biggest benefit of a subscription service is that you have a lawyer that you can trust, who knows your business and is there for you any time without any additional fees for consultations.

This service is priceless for businesses because they often skip consulting a lawyer in important matters, as they are unsure of the charges. With a subscription service you only pay a flat monthly rate and can always call or email your lawyer when even the slightest legal doubt crosses your brain.

2.   One time service

One time pre-paid legal package”s work as in any other industry – you pay a fee and you know exactly what you will get.

One of the most widely bought and appreciated pre-paid legal services is related to business set up.

Startups usually have limited financial resources (near to none) and setting up a business with the help of a lawyer seems an unnecessary expense to them.

However, they find out soon enough that not having a lawyer by their side when starting an enterprise is a huge mistake.

Missing papers, misunderstood lease agreements, wrong business structures are all issues that can take months and a lot of resources to resolve.

Pre-paid legal startup packages give aspiring entrepreneurs the confidence they need to dive deep into their industry – backed by a solid legal foundation for just a fraction of what they had to previously pay for similar services.

Hopefully, you are excited about this new trend as much as we are. This is finally an opportunity for legal professionals to provide affordable advice for everyone who needs it, without urban myths and without the fear and hesitation of the past.

Hooked on prepaid legal services for your business?

Take a look at some affordable packages that can keep your business safe and sound with no surprise invoices here.