Getting Ready to Survive – Contract Escape

Businesses need to take steps to position themselves for the coming storm.             Review insurance polices            Re-structure/re-negotiate contracts Contracts are agreements and can be changed by agreement between the parties. However, if no agreement to...

Is your business at risk online?

Is your business at risk online?

It is important when operating an online business you comply with Australian consumer laws.  You should pay particular attention to the rules relating to returns and spam as these are most likely to be applicable to your business. Below, you will find an easy to...

Why do I need a Non Disclosure Agreement?

Why do I need a Non Disclosure Agreement?

We get it - no one likes legal documents, but they are the only way of protecting your business. A non disclosure agreement or  confidentiality agreement, allows parties to share what would be commercial sensitive or confidential information to the other party.  It...

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