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Legal Advice From a Vending Machine

One of the main reasons for people to avoid seeking legal advice when they need it is the high expected cost. Or, even more specifically, the lack of clarity about the end price they will have to pay.

Sure, each and every lawyer has a clear charge per hour that they share willingly (usually). However, most of the time people who are hiring a lawyer for the first time have no idea how much they will be paying in the end.

And this is a turn off, right? When you don’t know all the facts from the start, you are afraid and you don’t want to do it.

In fact, basic legal services like writing a will or looking over a contract are not as expensive as one might think. People always tend to assume the worst and imagine thousands of dollars in fees for a simple task that only takes a lawyer a couple of hours.

And this is normal. Lawyers and legal firms have a reputation of being complicated and expensive.

It’s time to change that.

Legal doesn’t need to be mysterious and service prices don’t need to be a question hidden in the mists.


Because an experienced lawyer knows exactly how much time it takes him or her to review that will or contract. They know exactly what it will take to file all the documentation for debt recovery of a company.

A good and experienced lawyer can tell you the price of most services from day one.

We strongly feel that it is time to revolutionize legal services and we have decided to do so by offering legal advice from a vending machine.

What does this concept mean and why now?

As mentioned above, lawyers are usually paid per hour for their services. However, we have decided to create an estimate of how much each legal service costs (based on long years of legal consulting and experience as a lawyer, Katherine is able to do that).

You can choose the legal service package according to your needs and know in advance how much everything will cost you. We think that people will be much more likely to look for legal help when they know what they are getting into.

So, legal services from a vending machine? Yes, why not? Just choose what you need, throw in the money and get your order – no complications and surprises.

With this service, we believe that we are opening a new page in the lawyer-client relationship – one of trust, respect and understanding.

Even if you decide to seek legal help elsewhere don’t let the question about money be avoided. You can always ask an approximate price and get it in writing so you don’t get ripped off.


Have a legal question?

Need help from a lawyer and you were afraid to ask until now?

No worries. Legal advice from a “vending machine” is here for you from New Age Legal Solutions.

You will always know the price and what it will take you to receive your legal services. No hidden costs, no question marks.

This is legal help as it should be – accessible to everyone!